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okay costume!

(also I ended up coming home. stupid contacts were hurting my eyes and I was getting tired besides. I HAVE OBVIOUSLY SOBERED UP.)

mandatory "before" image.

and the after.

me and geri. nicole took a bad pic, so it's impossible to see her freaky cat-eyes, but uh, yeah. she's an rpd cop that's slightly mutated 8D

group picture. and the only one that i got a shot of my whole costume.

pics i took for the sake of it when i got home. posing is fun

obligatory "art pose" i'd find the image that's posed like this for the nurse but i am lazy

ohhh idk.

closeup 1. that hat? that is a paper hat i made at the last minute. it was a pain in the ass to keep on and if i ever wear this costume to a con or something i'm going to take the time to make a real hat.

closeup 2. yay me

Yeah so I had fun. up until the end when I got kind of bored, but that's what happens. I somehow got sandwiched in between the two most boring people at the party so yeah. XD

I got a lot of compliments on my costume, so that was great. Huge ego boost when people were all like "BEST COSTUME I'VE EVER SEEN" and a few people actually recognized I was a nurse from Silent Hill, so that was cool.

I actually had a lot of fun wearing it. Even if I've got splochy marks on my skin and my pores are going to be traumatized for the next few days.
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