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Alison started it, Kitty fed the fire, etc etc. I feel like I've had a crappy enough month to warrant this though, dammit.

Do you ever want to make an entry that says "LOVE ME, I FEEL LIKE CRAP," but that's kind of not a good thing to do because it's attention whoring?

... Well. I don't care right now.

LOVE ME GUYS. I will do my best to love you in return. I WILL NOT TELL YOU HOW I PLAN TO DO THIS, but I think it would be nice for everyone to have some love right now. You can even take this as a MEME and go attention whore in your own journals. Switch it up, make it a thing where people give you new icons, or write you fic, or bring their RP characters in to be obnoxious. WHATEVER MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER.
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Okay well since sleep is not happening right now because SMELL OF EW OUTSIDE WON'T GO AWAY...


comment to this entry with questions for any of my RP characters list there. Go nuts, ask whatever, and characters I've played in the past that aren't there count too.
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baaa. snagged from everyone and your mom.

Most of you on my flist don't really know my original characters personally. Small wonder, I don't really write much for them beyond RPing, though I really should. To remedy this to some small degree and give you a small introduction to the madness, I propose this:

Give me a bit of inspiration. A picture, a poem, a summary of a story, some words you'd like it themed on, etc. I'll write for the character you specify or the character I want to write for. It doesn't matter. No word limit, no nothing. I'll also include a bit of backstory if it's needed, or even link you to their 20 facts post, if they have one.

All my characters are listed here, I'd rather my originals got the prompts, but you're free to attack my fandom characters too, if you wish. XD

EDIT; made it public because I'm a whore for comments.

table of prompts )


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